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We Had No Name

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amalgamation-day-1914Nineteen fourteen,

Shaw started one great thing.

Yes! It was Flora Shaw,

Even when we were not sure,

Whether it was to make a difference,

All kindred dreaded their presence.

Yet we have made a hundred

Through seeming hatred

We are told we had no name

All the names became the same

We were found restless in the Niger area

We were christened Nigeria

With a galleria of hysteria.

We are told we had hazardous leadership

And then an exodus of migration

As actions turned coercion.

We saw an exodus of migration

As they had penetrations into our local administration

We saw a legion of white tyrants

When they took out our black giants;

We saw journalists become nationalists;

We saw a herd of the wealthy

As they took out our healthy protagonists.

We noticed the relocation of the sky,

We told the keeper to keep us high.

Even as we fought to protect the name they gave us

Nay! To protect our land

It could have been the drive of unity

Valour took us up in sanity

As we understood we had a name!

They all left us overnight!

We could hear the sound of their boot

“Lead yourselves” they told us.

Gold on a platter was our grand gift

Did we ever fight much like our African siblings?

I wondered!

We still wonder whether we will keep the name


We went on to say

Go on with one Nigeria that way.


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