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2014/2015: Millennials, Africa’s Elections and the Social Era

By Charles Umeh

the peopleThe year 2014 and 2015 would test the continuation of Africa’s democracy.

With Nelson Mandela’s South Africa going to the polls today, May 7, 2014 and the Nigerian electorate spending 2015 St. Valentine’s Day on the queue choosing their next leader, the continuation of democratic principles in Africa would be tested in the polls again. (more…)


Why I Write

When I read George Orwell’s piece of 1946 captioned ‘Why I Write’, I asked myself “why do I write really”. I discovered most of us may not be able to deeply express our innermost thoughts if we do not put pen to paper. I for one am more comfortable with writing out thoughts which is much better than speaking. Even those who speak thoughts have to write out first or else they make a messy speech. (more…)

Top 30 Reasons Why Men Cheat

cheating-manThe most common and most painful issues which have the slightest inclination to breaking relationships apart is not far from the men cheating on their women. Although, many would say that the girls cheat too, of course they do too but it happens to be an inevitable tendency mostly in men.  It is the most rampant when we speak of cheating. (more…)

2014: Any Hope for the Unemployed?

By Eustace Dunn

Unemployed Nigerians

Unemployed Nigerians

A younger university colleague once called to break his graduation news to me and that he was now like me. I chuckled, hoping he had known where he had graduated into and where he was heading. Call it the spider’s web if you like.I was sure he did not do his homework well about the unemployment situation in Nigeria for if he had, he would have had a deep thought about his next port of call after graduation – the burgeoning labour market where his suffering continues! (more…)

Blackberry’s BBM for Android/iPhone… Bad Timing?


HTC phone with the new BB for android app

By Eustace Dunn

Some time ago, I used to slug it out with friends who happened to have been using blackberry (BB) since its debut. Little did I know that someday, BB would end up introducing its messenger to other Smartphones. I once spoke against BlackBerry phones perhaps because of the rush for it especially in Nigeria. Most people will categorically tell you that they detest it with passion. (more…)

Do Chat Abbreviations Affect our Grammar?

Screenshot_2013-10-21-10-49-56-1By Eustace Dunn

In a world of text messaging and chatting especially in the social networks these days where people now use short forms of texts to convey their messages, who cares whether it has any effect on them. Provided it passes on the messages they intend, not minding whether the recipient understands these abbreviations. Even if it’s not understood, they are ready to explain what it means and then one may not be able to resist following the band wagon. These are high profiled semantics. (more…)

Fighting Terrorism Through Intelligence-Based Security Response

By Henry Duru

National security in Nigeria has in recent time come under formidable threats from the activities of various insurgent groups. Among the groups that have made most visible impacts since the inception of the current Fourth Republic include Niger Delta militant groups like Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) and Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force (NDPVF). Others are the O’odua People’s Congress (OPC), (more…)

South Africa: Stop This Discrimination

Jacob Zuma By Eustace Dunn

If I say racism in the present day South Africa is alarming and abysmal it will definitely be an understatement. Violence and racism have become inevitable norm and by extension, indelible since Jacob Zuma surfaced as SA’s president in 2009. His emergence finally engraved high-handedness of South Africans by re-militarising South Africa Police Service, SAPS. (more…)

Parents … what have you taught your child?

Parent-childBy Eustace Dunn

It may sound very rhetorical but it needs an answer that will send the heartbeats of our hearts up to the memory for posterity sake. If the answers are thrown into the sea to drown in its dept, then how would we be able to know what roles you play in our lives as children? Everyone is a child to his or her parents no matter what age. So let’s talk… (more…)

Raping the Future of Nigeria’s Education


A Typical school Environment

By Stanley Anamali

In Nigeria, the education sector at the moment is gradually shredding into bits. The anomalies found in the sector are traced to leadership decay. Leadership they say is imperative in human organizations. It influences, inspires, directs, encourages, and motivates others. The absence of committed and responsible leadership has been confirmed to be a sore in the flesh and an absolute bane of sustainable development among third world countries. (more…)

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